We have a cancer center that offers services ranging from screening, diagnosis and chemotherapy by specialist doctors and a medical support team.


Treatment of cancer patients without recurrence.

Control the disease to make the tumor smaller or not grow and not spread to other organs.

Relieve symptoms of patients with metastatic cancer so that patients have a better quality of life. Chemotherapy is not only effective against cancer cells but it also can affect normal cells and other organ function, causing side effects such as nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, low immunity, diarrhea, or hair loss. These symptoms will be more or less depending on the type of medication, body strength and mental readiness of the patient.

Selection of Chemotherapy Drugs

Using the correct chemotherapy drugs in terms of type, dosage and duration of drug administration is very important to the effectiveness of cancer treatment because chemotherapy drugs are dangerous drugs. Excessive dosage may result in serious side effects but if given too low dose it may not be able to destroy cancer cells.

Selection of chemotherapy regimens, doctor will consider factors such as the type of cancer, stage of cancer, age, health condition of the patient, congenital disease, a patient's medical history of cancer in the past, side effects, adjuvant or counter-influence between chemotherapy drugs when used together. Patients may receive one or more chemotherapy drugs in which the combination of drugs are more effective than using only one type of drug.

Location & Contact

Breast Cancer Center - Kasemrad Hospital Prachachuen, 1st Floor
Call: 0-2910-1600 Ext. 1030, 1031
Chemotherapy Center - Kasemrad Hospital Bangkae
Call: 0-2804-8959 Ext. 5077, 5106