The Company conducts business with a commitment to avoid corruption of all forms, and institutes a risk management and audit process to prevent and control corruption and malfeasance. Also, the Company encourages corporate culture where people are firmly committed to integrity and ethics.

The company has implemented the anti-corruption practice approved by the company’s Board of Directors. The Company proceeds related to policies and measurements of the anti-corruption practice and publicized to general public as well as within the company internally. For instance; disseminating anti-corruption policies through the company’s website on the good corporate governance section, and arrange the training and orientation for employees on anti-corruption policies. Furthermore, supplier and contractor of the company will be informed about the anti-corruption practice in order to create transparency of the company operation.

Avoid corruption
Encourage Integrity and ethics
Anti-Corruption Policy
Anti-Corruption Handbook (Thai Version)
Whistleblowing and Complaint Policy