Social Dimension

BCH recognizes the importance of all stakeholders, which include employees, business partners, patients, customers, surrounding communities, and others, as they are the key engines to the Company’s success. BCH adheres to the practices of just and fair treatment in human resource management while takes good care of our patients and business partners. Besides, BCH intends to build good relationships with nearby communities and focus on creating a good quality of life for the areas where the Company has operated businesses. BCH, therefore, reports on our social material topics—including Human Resources Management and Human Capital Development, Human Rights, Accessible Healthcare, Community Participation, and Occupational Health and Safety

Sustainability Goals in Social Dimension

Social Performance

BCH considers our human resources as a driving force to achieve our goal, vision, and mission, resulting in the Company’s sustainable success. In this regard, skilled employees with competence and their efficient work delivery are required. Therefore, BCH understands and values the human capital development needed to promote our workforce's knowledge and skills according to the trends and challenges of the current world and to serve the needs of them and stakeholders.

Employees training

Total Training Hours of Employee

(Excluding Physicians)

54,702 Hours

Average hours of training

7.6 Hours

Overview of Human Resources Management in 2022

Personnel are important human resources who play significant roles in the sustainable success of the organization, while driving the organization towards its vision, missions, and goals. It is essential to have valuable resources in terms of both knowledge and skills, as well as operating with efficiency and effectiveness.

As of 31 December 2022, the company and its subsidiaries have a total of

8,877 employees

Total Employees

(Excluding Physicians)

7,195 persons


1,200 Persons


5,995 Persons

Total Physicians

1,682 Persons


903 Persons


779 Persons

Total Full-Time Physicians
346 Persons
Total Part-Time Physicians
1,336 Persons

Total Employees separated by job type

Total Full-Time Employees
5,573 Persons

2,262 Persons

1,875 Persons

1,436 Persons

Total Part-Time Employees
1,622 Persons

1,127 Persons

495 Persons

0 Persons

Nurses and Nursing Assistants

Medical Operations and Support Personnel

Back Office Personnel

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are values which BCH respects and believes that they are the driving forces of business development. The Company treats everyone equally to be a role model for employees.BCH is determined not to act against or discriminate against a specific group of people, regardless of their race, nationality, age, gender, skin color, language, or physical disabilities or limitations.

Employment of impaired people/people with disability

36 Persons

Hearing Impairment

12 Persons

Visual Impairment

1 Persons

Physical Impairment

21 Persons

Intellectual Impairment

2 Persons

People who are over 60 years old (voluntary)

5 Persons

Complaints of Human Rights Violation, Discrimination, and Sexual Assault and Harassment

0 Case of complaints related to employees
0 Case of complaints related to patients, customers, stakeholders, and business partners

The Operations of Accessible Healthcare

BCH realizes that the right to easily access quality healthcare systems is essential to all humans and to the BCH’s business operation. BCH focuses on providing services to the people with diversity, i.e., their location, their income, to have opportunity to access healthcare services. Besides, BCH has been making efforts to construct quality healthcare services serving Thai and international residents to have a healthy life, to cure and to prevent their fatality.

Hospitals providing medical services for the Social Security Scheme

10 Hospitals

Social security patient

2,340,000 Hospitals

Percentage of Social Security patient per total patient


Services for COVID-19

The COVID-19 epidemic has affected current and future operations of both business and industrial sectors. The company has planned how to deal with this situation in a timely manner and with urgent measures to prevent and reduce the spread of this crisis and ensure safety for all stakeholders. In addition, the company has also cooperated with the government sector in taking care of and treating patients infected with COVID-19 as follows:

Participated in the program of ASQ and SHA+ with

5,850 beds.

Support more than 100,000 infected patients in hospitels

Supported 4 field hospitals with

20,200 beds.

Field hospitals. Provide Alternative COVID-19 Vaccine to more than 1,000,000 people

Employees Safety

World Medical Hospital complies with the laws as an operational framework include Labor Protection Act B.E. 2541 and Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Act B.E. 2554 to conduct the safety culture and meet the company’s targets.

0 Case per 1,000,000 hours

worked Fatalities work-related injury rate

3.6 Cases per 1,000,000 hours

worked High-consequence work-related injury rate

4.51 Days per 1,000,000 hours

worked Injury Severity Rate

1.8 Cases per 1,000,000 hours

worked Loss Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR)