Social policies and practice guidelines

The company operates its business by adhering to the management in accordance with the principles of morality and ethics, as well as transparency, reliability, and fair treatment to stakeholders of the organization. Also, there is a good inspection system which considers the surrounding society.

Besides this, the company focuses on its practices in compliance with the measures relating to safety, security, health, and the environment as appropriate in the following:

Social Performance

Activities to reduce accidents at work

The company has a survey on occupational safety practices. It also continuously reviews the statistics of serious injuries or illnesses occurring in the company, including communications to prevent and reduce accidents.

Statistics of accidents caused by operations

Number of employees having accidents and not taking leave

In 2021

0 case

Number of employees having accidents and taking leave

In 2021

4 cases

Number employees died at work

In 2021

0 case

Prevention of risks in the COVID-19 epidemic situation

The COVID-19 epidemic has affected current and future operations of both business and industrial sectors. The company has planned how to deal with this situation in a timely manner and with urgent measures to prevent and reduce the spread of this crisis and ensure safety for all stakeholders.

In addition, the company has also cooperated with the government sector in taking care of and treating patients infected with COVID-19 as follows:

1) Association of Persons with Disabilities of Thailand

to receive referrals for patients with disabilities who can help themselves to receive treatment in the hospital chain.

2) Ministry of Public Health

to establish a care center for people infected with COVID-19 and special patient wards, of which the company and its affiliated hospitals will manage the patients and support medical personnel team to check, follow up, and give advice to the patients via online systems.

Employee care and development

Personnel are important human resources who play significant roles in the sustainable success of the organization, while driving the organization towards its vision, missions, and goals. It is essential to have valuable resources in terms of both knowledge and skills, as well as operating with efficiency and effectiveness.

As of 31 December 2021, the company and its subsidiaries have a total of

8,597 employees

Category and Number of employees


1,515 employees

Nurses and Nursing Assistants

3,548 employees

Medical Operation and Support Personnel

1,522 employees

Back Office Personnel

2,012 employees

The company always promotes personnel development, as well as that of directors and executives, on an ongoing basis, with details in the Corporate Governance section under the heading of Information about Employees and the topic of Recruiting, Developing, and Evaluating the Performance of the Board of Directors.

Besides, the company also provided orientation training for new employees, as well as continuous training on anti-corruption measures to directors, executives, and employees so that everyone understands the company’s measures, expectations, and penalties.

Community participation and development and the implementation of sustainable social projects


The company believes that education is the most essential foundation to help young people have knowledge and competence, as well as their being important forces in the future development of the nation.

Social and Public Interest

In 2021, the company contributed to social support activities for the benefits of society as follows: Organizing a merit-making project for Thai monks to be far away from diseases, Providing a health check-up unit for people living in the vicinity of a medical facility, Blood donation activities and Walking and running activities for health.