Economic and Governance

Economic and Governance is one of the important sustainability issues, development in economics and governance will enhance business operations to achieve targets with efficiently, accordingly the company recognized the importance of business operation along with good governance such as transparency, equitable, and ethics, considerate to the human right of all stakeholder. The company also enhances risk management by using technology to improve service quality, safety, and considered data privacy, which will enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty which help the company gain in the long-term competitive.

Sustainability Management Goals in Economic and Governance Dimension

Economic Performance

Service quality and Customer responsibilities

BCH recognizes the importance of patient safety and has therefore established a quality control policy for healthcare services. The Company has developed internal guidelines that comply with national and international standards, aimed at reducing reputational risks that may arise from complaints regarding patient safety resulting from subpar services and operations. In addition, BCH adopts various quality systems for the continuous patient care process.





Customer Satisfaction

BHC realizes that opportunities and challenges can be identified by analyzing customer feedback and demand to ensure continuous improvement of customer satisfaction by implementing the HAPPY principle, covering 5 aspects

Customers Satisfaction 94.8%

Establish of anti-corruption policy and anti-corruption handbook

BCH has established anti-corruption policy, anti-corruption handbook and whistleblowing and complaint policy to the Board of Directors, Executive Directors and employees for their acknowledgement and strict adherence.

of Board of Directors, Senior Executives

acknowledge anti-corruption policy and received anti-corruption training.


Suppliers Assessment

BCH will encourage compliance with the principles and policies enforced by BCH. Our company aims to regularly assess our suppliers for the quality of products and services to be consistent with relevant standards. BCH assesses our suppliers using the following criteria 1.The Quality of Products and Deliverables 2.Speed and On-Time Delivery 3.After-Sales Services

Critical Tier 1

38 Suppliers

Critical Non-Tier 1

41 Suppliers


618 Suppliers

Suppliers Assessment


Technology and Innovation


Kasemrad Hospital Sriburin developed Telehospital in 2022, to enhance medical operations between affiliate hospital namely Kasemrad Hospital Sriburin, Kasemrad Hospital Maesai, Kasemrad Sriburin Clinic Chiang Saen. By using Telehospital, Kasemrad Hospital Sriburin provide medical treatment for complicated diseases to the affiliated hospital that lacks of specialized doctors and medical staff. This innovation can save time, reduced cost and creates opportunities for people around the border area to access superior healthcare.

Save Travel Distance


Kilometer per day

Save Time


Hours per day

Reduced Fuel


liter per day

Or reduced Green House Gas for


kgCO2e per day

Increase healthcare accessibility for complicated disease around border area