The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders for the Year 2023
Minute of 2023 Annual Shareholder Meeting
Invitation to 2023 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
1. Annual report 2022
2. Registration form for attending the E-AGM through Electronics Meeting
3. Proxy form
Form A
Form B
Form C
4. Information of the Independent Directors to be used with proxy of shareholder
5. Rules for attending the Shareholders' Meeting via electronic media (E-AGM)
6. The Company’s Articles of Association regarding the Shareholders’ Meeting and voting procedures
7. Information of proposed directors in replacement of those retiring by rotation
8. Information of the auditors
9. Information of the existing articles of association and amendments
10. Definition of “Independent Director”
11. Map of the meeting venue
12. Procedures for attending the Shareholders’ Meeting via electronic meeting (E-AGM)
Proposing Agenda AGM
Proposal of AGM Agenda Form 2023