Dear Shareholders

2023 was considered as the year that the Company was committed to continuously improving the quality and standards for medical services. All 10 affiliated hospitals have been certified the national certification for treatment standards. And all 4 affiliated hospitals have been certified the JCI (Joint Commission International), including World Medical Hospital, Kasemrad International Hospital Ratthanatibeth, Kasemrad Hospital Ramkhamhaeng and Kasemrad Hospital Prachachuen. The affiliated hospitals also adhere to guidelines for Health Care Organization Management Standards to be consistent throughout the organization.

As well as providing services to patients by focusing on maximizing the benefit of patients to gain the trust from patients. As the Company's promise: "Your Family Your Hospital."

Asst. Prof. Dr. Somporn Harnphanich, M.D.

Chairman of the Board of Directors

In terms of the Company's performance for 2023, the Company reported total revenue of 11,829.9 million baht and a net profit attributable to the Company of 1,406.36 million baht, which reflecting the Company's strength. Although revenue from disbursement of medical expenses from the government related to COVID-19 decrease from 2022, the Company has a revenue structure from a patient in several groups, including the general patients, patients in the social security program, and international patients. This is a result of expanding the patient base to potential areas in Thailand and Vientiane, Lao PDR. The Company also prioritizes on cost management through a central procurement department, including the establishment of subsidiaries to develop the capacities of medical laboratories to decrease the cost of referrals to external hospitals and thus being able to maintain performance for sustainable growth.

In addition to conducting business. The Company is also committed to paying attention to the impacts on the environment, communities, employees, trading partners and all stakeholders. In 2023, the Board of Directors has expanded the scope of authority and duties of the Risk Management Committee to be member of the Sustainability, Governance and Risk Management Committee to adhere to sustainable business development and promote the good corporate governance. In the past year, the Company got “AA” rank in SET ESG Rating from The Stock Exchange of Thailand, being credited in organization credit rating that was continuously renewed for the second time from the Thai Collective Action Against Corruption (Thai CAC), “Excellence” in good corporate governance from Thai Institute of Directors (IOD), and listed in ESG100 rating from Thaipat Institute for the 6th consecutive year. In addition, the Company has been certified with “A” in corporate credit rating with a "stable" outlook from TRIS Ratings. It reflects the financial strength of the Company.

Finally, on behalf of Bangkok Chain Hospital Public Company Limited, I would like to share my gratitude to shareholders, customers, financial institutions, government and private agencies, including all business partners for your trust and support as always. The Company will be dedicated to conducting business based on building long-term value with fairness under the principles of good corporate governance.